Web Development Using Php

Software development has always been among the most celebrated professions ever since their introduction to the IT world. The software and software solution has fulfilled every aspiration of human being in the technology world. Internet today has become one of the largest possible platforms for marketing and commercialization. It is largely because of the amount of time an average person spends on the internet. Internet has also changed our whole lifestyle.

Now, in this age of technology, its very difficult to get lost. From booking tickets to watching TV serials the internet has really made our life fulfilling. Now, in this age of technology, its very difficult to get lost. And most important part of the web business is web development.

Web development requires a lot of technical knowledge as well as some creative knowledge. And today in the world of web development PHP plays an important role. PHP programming solutions today provides some of the best and most affordable PHP web development services.

The Best Features of PHP:

PHP from the day of its development and launch has served a code which is used for the improvement of the web world .Its sole aim is to make programming codes and syntax of high level web software and also to make difficult developing codes of the web world much easier than ever. Along with that the software works as a high level relational database management systems (RDBMS).

The main purpose of PHP website development is to create and develop dynamic, attractive and interactive web pages. But nowadays it is also used for server sided scripting and it has become more like mod Perl, Microsoft ASP.NET and Sun Microsystems Java Server pages. Nowadays, PHP is also attracting and promoting the development process of many application software frameworks and it also provides the building block structure along with the designs development for a rapid application development commonly known as RDAs. Many web CMS (content management system) like Media Wiki, Word Press, Drupe, fez publish, Joomla, Moodle, Silver Stripe, etc are written in PHP.

The Very Best PHP Frameworks Available:

Many good PHP frameworks have been developed over these years and are still in the process of being developed. Everyone likes changes and if that change is good, and then everyone just loves it. Hence, the PHP developers are always trying to give the best and the perfect PHP frameworks. It has also been close to the best in the frameworks field. Here are some of the best PHP frameworks present now – Yeti , Zend, Cpdelgniter, CakePHP, Prado, Symfony, PHPDevShell, Akelos,PHP on Tax, PHP open biz, QPHP,fez Components.

Be Green In Choosing A VPS Hosting Plan

Our lives are becoming easier because of the technology we have today. We have the Internet where we can find anything on it – we can go shopping, chat with friends in different places and we can even do business via the

Internet. Somehow the comfort and the glamor Internet brings cost us our environment. The World Wide Web greedily consumes tons of energy. This energy is used to power computers on the user’s end that host websites

on a server that is “always on”. The world is heating up so fast, and we have to find a way to combat global warming. We need to find a way to reduce the carbon emission. Websites are simply not “green” and environment

friendly. So web hosting companies came up with a solution to lessen the impact their websites have on the environment and this is through “Green Hosting”.

What is Green Hosting by the way?

Green Hosting can be best described as an eco-friendly alternative to the traditional means of hosting. Companies that offers green hosting use electricity or power coming from wind energy and the like. This simply means

that VPS hosting and Dedicated hosting plans are offered the “green way”.

If you care for the environment, you should choose the green way of web hosting. The point here is that you did something to make a difference in the environment, and purchasing green hosting is an easy way to do so. The

best way before choosing a web hosting company is by doing a research. Find reviews from users and companies who have used that particular company’s service in the past to get a good idea of the type of customer

service they offer. Either you want VPS hosting or Dedicated hosting, go for a web hosting company that offers these plans the green way.

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Web Design Vs Web Development For Improving Online Visibility

Online business world has got so many changes and advancements. And two distinct ideas are web design and web development that plays a significant role in the successful run of businesses.

With reference to web design vs web development; we will come to know about them separately to understand their effective role and importance in media and advertisements.

Web design Vancouver
We design is the base of online business. It is all about what visitors see on the website. The designing of website is meant to let the visitors look and feel good about the website. Considering major elements of designing, color scheme, graphics and navigation elements are three most important components of designing.

As a designing expert, color management is the most integral part of workflow. Color scheme of website helps in shaping identity of website and thus are carefully chosen by the designers. A number of tools are there that are used by experts to use the best one. Color scheme designer, Pictaculous, color spire, daily color scheme, instant color schemes and much more are there.

Visual presentation is something that attracts the visitors first. Being another useful component of designing, experts make use of diagrams, symbols, numbers, geometric designs, engineering drawings and other images which are user-friendly and subject-focused.

In contrast with web design vs web development, navigation elements of designing is meant to implement clear navigation by considering several useful aspects like top menus, right side navigation, left side navigation, bottom menu, login box, breadcrumbs, site map, shopping carts, order buttons and much more.

Web development Vancouver
Web development Vancouver involves the functionality of website including interactive features that web offers to visitors and infrastructure required to provide them. Using different programming languages that work in a web browser or on a web server to create useful functions is the basic requirement in development.

Swapping of images with the application of JavaScript and other backend applications like content management, form processing and other administration programs to maintain useful aspects of data is something that are performed by developers to enhance functionality and usability of site. Site loading speed, user-friendliness of navigation options, working of applications are some other tasks which developers perform and check for the usability of websites.

It would not be wrong to say that in spite of so many differences, both the disciplines are important and play a vital role in defining ones business in online world. Adding to it, in terms of Web design vs web development, both works together to ensure the website delivers everything that site owner requested.

Advantage Of Indian Web Development Company

With every business looking to have online presence by having a neatly designed and easily accessible website, the challenge for a web development company has also been intensified in offering clients the same. Its such a company that has always been in the scene of providing clients with all types of web based solutions ever since the very concept of having a professional or personal website hit the floor. Now, the number of professional web development firms is increasing rapidly the world over thus making your list of choices bigger enough. And the good news is that these firms have brought all types of web design and developing strategies, more precisely, tool and techniques. These tools are nothing but high performance web development platforms. In choosing any of these, you need to measure your personal and business needs.

A web development firm India can be your best resort if you are looking for a professional web development source where quality and affordability are always best ensured. In India, you will find only the experienced web developers who have set high standards for themselves in accomplishing clients projects. So, you must be lucky enough to have a date with any of these Indian web developers for whom client satisfaction has always been the top priority.

Many foreign investors are also eying on India to setup their offshore web development units. Already, the Indian metros have seen the arrival of a good number of offshore web and software development firms. The Indian governments investment friendly policy has made these foreign companies come to India and explore the immense opportunities. Web development outsourcing to India has been highly effective in letting people enjoy class web design and development services at really low cost.

Those who are looking to have their website designed in the most captivating and result-oriented approach, for them, India is a place to consider. The Indian agencies are ideal for every client to get things done as per its deadline. Its because, they ensure class services 24 x 7, 365 days a year. Also, client servicing and customer support teams of these agencies are highly supportive.

Prevent A Web Page From Being Indexed By Google And Remove A Page From Google Cache

Now a days every one is praying that “Oh God let google index and cache my web pages”. The article I am going to write is just the reverse of what common man or woman thinks. Many time we need to hide our data from Search Engines. Some times we will be shocked that the information which we kept secretly in our site present in google cache. That will remain there even if I remove it from my web page. So anyone can easily view it which I removed from my site. To prevent google or any major web sites from making cache links of our site follow the tips provided below.

Cache links are created when a spider visit our web page and create a snapshot of it. According to google words “This “cached” version allows a web-page to be retrieved for your end users if the original page is ever unavailable (due to temporary failure of the web server)”. The cached page will look exactly same as how the page looks at the time of spider visit. To see the cached links of your website follow the command below.

cache:your URL

On google search box you can type the command “cache: “and the URL you want to see. The same command is valid for MSN search also. The cached page will change when spider’s next visit on your site. To exclude google spiders from caching your web page follow the steps below.

Exclusion of a page from cache:

1. Tell spiders to not archive links using robots.txt

To exclude a web page from caching we need to use the following meta tag on our website. The tag is:

Note: Please ignore the symbol “|” from the tag above.

This tag prevents all spiders from archiving the web page.

2. Setting access permissions

We can set a user name and password for a page to view it. Search Engine spiders cannot log on to a page using user name and password. So it cannot index that page so your web page will never indexed in cached link list.

The steps provided above will help to prevent spiders from being caching our web page. But for already cached webpage what we can do?

Remove a cached link

To remove an already indexed link from cached list we can send a request to google from google webmaster tool. To perform this follow the steps below.

1. Log on to google webmaster tools

2. Click on Tools

3. Click on remove URL

4. Click on new removal requests

5. Enter the URL which is already cached to remove.

In a nutshell the robots.txt file on your web server is very important. If you edit it without knowing the usage of syntax your site may not indexed well on Search Engine. In the reverse to un-index a site link also robots.txt file is very important.

Web Design Course In Kolkata Can Take Your Career To The Next Level

Web designing is a process that includes conceptualization according to project scope, layout designing, browser testing and execution of designs to HTML/ Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) functionality. While designing a website the primary focus is on the clients requirements. In a professional web designing course all the aspects of concept creation, analysis, colour scheme, layout designing, implementation of web design, web hosting and compatibility testing, and as well as colour scheme generation are included. With the IT boom in India, there has been a huge need for professional web designers, software developers and PHP developers. To cater to this requirement many institutes especially in Kolkata have come up to provide courses to the aspiring students. Several institutes now offer Web Design Course in Kolkata at affordable fees.

Not all institutes offer the same quality of course content to its students. However, if you want the very best for yourself then you should avail the course, which has a dedicated web page design course. After you have joined an institute, professionals who have years of experience in this concerned field will teach you. Since only technical knowledge is not enough, you will have a training period, which will help you to gain an insight into the corporate workings. Due to excellent business prospects, many Web Page Designing Companies are coming up and there is a high demand of expert professional. Hence, you are sure to land up with a job immediately after you pass out from these professional courses.

The Web Design Course involves certain tasks like presentation of storyboards and design prototypes with the use of languages like JavaScript and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and use of programs like Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop and Dreamweaver. You will also be taught to use and apply Flash Animation. Web design includes both professionalism and creativity and hence it is an ideal career choice. A designer needs to have aesthetic sense as well as understand the clients needs the viewers likes and dislikes.

Web page design course content ideally includes the following:

Basic of web design
Design principles
Page layout and Navigation
Content management
Site Management

A Web Design Course in Kolkata would provide placement assistance to students during their assessment. You would definitely land up with a job in a medium or small sized software company. Sometimes the corporate houses, which offer the courses, hire the deserving candidates after they are finished with the course. The students are taught and trained to handle any kind of assignment in the future. At the final level of the course, the students are involved in the ongoing international projects.

Come, join, and become the most sought after professional in the web development industry after completing a web design course from Kolkata.

Best It Company In Kolkata

Innovation system is the best IT Company in Kolkata. Innovation system is a leading solution provider for Hardware, Software and Networking services. Established in the year 2003, the company has been promoted by some very highly skilled, experiences and professional peoples dedicated to provide total IT solutions under one roof. Innovation system provides high quality software services for global customers with a focus on customer software development, maintenance and testing. There is little doubt in declaring Innovation system as the best Software Development Company in Kolkata. The company is recognized for high effectiveness of production process, excellence of customer relationship and communication as well as high flexibility in resource allocation.

Innovation systems IT service has been carefully crafted with the end customer satisfaction in mind. Innovation System works out to be the best IT Company in Kolkata.

Innovation system has no competition in kolkata when it comes to providing A Total Turnkey Solution in the field of Website Development. Its package of service includes Web development, Web Designing, E-commerce Solutions, Search Engine Optimization, Content Management System, Graphic Design and Animation. If any company is looking for a solution provider in Website development & launching, they can approach the best Web Development Company of Kolkata. When it comes to web development they specialize in doing the analysis of your requirement, specification building, web designing, content writing, coding, testing, promotion and maintenance.

Location of Innovation System Company is very good. It is located at centre of the city. It is accessible to any part of Kolkata as it is located at perfect place. Lots of plantations are there which enrich the environment.
Innovation System believes in teamwork. With every new day the quest for acquiring new competencies continues. Forever searching, experimenting, innovating, learning, moving ahead with sincere efforts and dedication, and challenging our competencies to create new opportunities, is a never ending process is the company.

Innovation System will emerge as the leading software solution provider in the field of Software Development & Web Development services by pursuing latest trends in technology and through quality drives approaches.

Personify Your Web App With Responsive Web Designing

The World Wide Web is a technical medium. It is ruled by technical interfaces which are a result of interweaving of different code snippets, hyperlinks, scripts and encrypted data. Moreover, the data is accessible only through technical media such as web browsers and web applications. Sometimes understanding these applications becomes a challenging job for the non-technical web surfers.

Thus, web professionals worldwide have made it a point to introduce web interfaces which are more user-friendly, intuitive, interactive and most importantly, responsive. And that is why they call this new interface building technique as responsive web designing.

Responsive website designs are nothing but web designs with a human touch. These are the designs that respect the medium on which you are viewing a site and thus, adjust their size accordingly. It is designers counter answer to technical and intricate web designs and interfaces. Such designs are call of the hour where mobile devices are exceedingly becoming the favorite website viewing medium.

There are various techniques that can be deployed in enhancing the interface of a website and making it more user-centric. But, first it is essential to understand the various elements of responsive web designing and how they can make your site more personalized. Heres an overview of three key elements that build up the concept of responsive designing:

(1) Fluid Images: Images form a pivotal part of a web design. For web pages, images are as important as content. If an image with fixed parameters is added to a web page, there are chances that it may exceed the given layout and thus spoil the entire design. Fluid images are images with constraints. These constraints stop the image from exceeding its original size, thus maintaining the flow of the design.

(2) Fluid Grids: A fluid grid layout works on proportions. This means when the concerned layout is either squeezed or expanded, then all the elements on the web page will not only alter their sizes but will also adjust their width with respect to one another.

(3) Media Queries: Fluid grid layouts might constitute a major part of responsive web design, but there are other issues that also need to be tackled. For instance, if a user is viewing a site on a small handheld device, the design might get too narrowed, which have negative impact on the overall design. This where media queries come in. Based on CSS3, media queries not only cater to different device sizes, but also target the physical attributes of the device on which the website is being viewed.

What Benefits Do Responsive Web Designs Render?

Owing to its several benefits, responsive web design has been exceedingly accepted by website owners worldwide as a one stop solution to all their web based needs. Here are some major benefits that every business owner can reap from responsive web designs:

(1) Websites with responsive designs can be viewed on any platform- mobile or desktop- which makes them increasingly user-friendly.

(2) One responsive website can be operated on all devices, which means you have to bear the development cost only once. This saves you a lot of bucks.

(3) Opting for responsive web designs will mean you will have just one website to maintain and update, rather than separate desktop and mobile sites.

(4) As the user-experience is enhanced with responsive designs, the conversion rate is likely to go up, which means more business.

(5) Duplicate content penalties and canonical issues are also prevented as you opt for responsive website designing.
Responsive web design has changed the way lay man perceived websites and web applications. Now, from being just a bunch of technical codes, web apps have moved onto becoming user-friendly and intuitive interfaces that can be accessed from just about anywhere- thanks to responsive web design.

Html Email Design Best Practices

HTML Emails are arguably the most effective of all email marketing designs. Theyre eye catching, engaging and flexible. They provide you with a variety of opportunities to promote your business and achieve email marketing success. However, there are many pitfalls to be aware of when designing HTML Emails. In this article well highlight some of these and give you a few tips to help you design effective email campaigns.

Back to the old school

Theres no point denying it HTML Email design is Old School web design. This means no Stylesheets, JavaScript or Flash, they just wont work consistently across the wide and varied range of email clients.

When it comes to layout its back to a basic table-based structure, which may, to some web designers seem like committing web standards blasphemy. However, when you take into account the number of email clients that either remove or pay no attention to CSS it becomes quite clear going back to basics is the only way to guarantee your email looks the same regardless of which email client is displaying it.
We have found when designing table based layouts using merged cells (indicated by colspan and rowspan in your code), some email clients, especially Lotus Notes will usually distort any layout with merged cells. Instead, using nested tables will work more consistently than merged cells. For example, a two column layout could consist of a base layer of one table with two columns with other tables inserted into each column to give you space to enter your content.
Looking Good

A great deal of formatting can be done using Inline Styles small snippets of CSS code inserted into either a containing table cell (&#60td&#62), in paragraph tags (&#60p&#62) or span tags (&#60span&#62)

Below is an example of an inline style insert into a table cell tag:

&#60td width=”400″ align=”left” valign=”top” style=”color:#000000; font-family:Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size:11px;”&#62

This style would then apply to the text contents of that table cell. Other standard HTML formatting tags such as &#60strong&#62, &#60em&#62, &#60font&#62 etc can be used as well to vary the formatting on top of this base style.
When deciding on a font for your email its always best to stick to a font that most, if not all, of your readers will have. Common fonts such as Arial, Verdana, Tahoma, Times New Roman and Georgia should be fine. If youre willing to take the risk of a slightly lesser-known font its good practice to specify a set of backup font faces in your inline style eg.
&#60td style=” Lucida Console, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; “&#62

If a computer does not have a certain font it will look to the next in the list to see if it has that one.

Time Warp

When we first got our hands on Microsoft Outlook 2007 we were a bit taken aback with what Microsoft had created, not only locking it down to use only the Word HTML rendering engine (Outlook 2003 will let you choose between normal HTML and Word rendering) but also support for background images had been removed, which meant a real step back with what you can and cant do to keep your emails looking good.

To ensure the most consistent display across the majority of email clients, we took the decision to not include background images in our designs (unless otherwise specified by the customer), and weve come up with a few little tricks along the way to help us keep our designs looking top notch. The main thing to remember is HTML text should only appear on a solid background colour (which you can set in a table cell). There should be no gradients or any other fancy effects behind actual text, unless you plan to include that text in an image.

The final few things…

There are hundreds of elements to take into consideration when designing a HTML email. These are just a few of the most important things to consider:

Create a plain text version of your email to send alongside the HTML version for those who prefer it and for mobile devices and email clients that only accept text only email.
Keep the width of your email between 600-650px to ensure readability for the maximum amount of email clients.
Assign an alt tag to each image so if readers have the images turned off they should see some sort of useful information to assure them the email is legitimate.
Always set height and width attributes on images in your HTML design. Some email clients like Outlook 2003 and 2007 will suppress images in the inbox. Failing to put a height and width will result in your deign be distorted by the security message that is inserted by the email client into the image space.
Use images at the size they are meant to be rather than resizing them with HTML some email clients will ignore the HTML resize and just display the image at its original size.

Whatever you choose to do with your email marketing designs, the most important thing is to test, test and test again. You should always proof your email into the major email clients to ensure its rendering correctly and ask a proof group to check for spellings or design issues too. However, just because there are limitations to HTML email design it doesnt mean you cant be creative or push the boundaries to see what impacts on delivery, open and click through rates. Remember the aim of any email is to achieve your goal and sometimes being safe with your design isnt the best option.

Simple Web Design Techniques to Help Create Websites for Businesses

Websites are more than just a platform to stuff loads of information on. They can also be a presentation and a direct image of your business. A clean and precise website represents a professional and efficient company. Web design is important and must be approached carefully to ensure your website does not only just display all the necessary information; but also looks and feels great to use. Here are some simple methods to help you design and develop a great looking website.

1. Create a logo that represents you Every business or brand needs a logo that represents them. There is nowhere better than to display that logo on your website where everyone can see it. Whether you already have a logo or need to create one; implement it into your website design and have it link to your homepage. The most common and probably the best position to place the logo would be at the top left of you website. This helps to improve brand awareness and helps users to navigate the website more easily.

2. Easy to use and simple Navigation One of the most important features of any website is the way users will navigate it. What is the point in creating all these web pages that are rich in information and have the users not able to display them. The main thing to think about when designing a navigation system for your website is to keep it simple. Aunique and complicated navigation bar can be fun and exciting, however, if the users are required to learn how to use it then most likely they will leave your website. Try to stick with the standard horizontal navigation bars that most websites use. This will provide a navigation system that almost all users will instinctively be able to use. Try to keep the amount of headings to about 5 – 8. You don’t want too many different pages but you also don’t want to clutter your content.

3. No clutter please When it comes to writing content for your website, it is easy to get distracted from what’s important and to just overload with unnecessary text and images. Users want to be able to access the information they need quickly and precisely so avoid creating long paragraphs and try to simplify it; use bullet points or tables. A principle that a lot of web designers use is the Pareto principle. The Pareto principle states that “roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes”. Now to translate that into website design, this means that 20% of the content on the page should display 80% of the overall information and result. Try to keep the important stuff above ‘the fold’. The fold is the area of the site that users can see without scrolling. The fold is important as this is the first part of the website the users will see on any page.

4. Choose the right colour scheme and font Try to select appropriate colours and fonts, and stick to it! It is easy to pick a load of different colours and implement them everywhere on your site, but a simple design will take you a long way. Try to create a colour palette of about 2-3 different colours. This will help to create a clean and consistent appearance. Picking colours is easy; the difficult part is how to use them. A useful way to use colours is to highlight what’s important. Choose a font that is easy to read, you have to take consideration of the different sizes of screens or even platform. Users will access your website from a desktop pc or a mobile device. The font should accommodate the two platforms to create a website that is easy to read and looks great.

5. Choosing the right graphics Images are a great way to represent information or make a site look good. Make sure the graphics you use are related to the information on the page and are high quality. Always use high resolution pictures. This will ensure the images do not appear pixelated. Using original photos are a great way to show authenticity of a business. Invest in professional photography to catch user’s attention.

6. Use space effectively Using the space available can affect the overall experience. Create space between paragraphs and images to give the user ‘breathing space’. The ‘white space’ can help to control the flow of the website and helps to guide users from one bit of information to the next. When it comes to creating a website, always think about the users and how you want them to perceive you as a business. Keeping a site simple and clean will help to create an easy to use site but also helps keep it future proof. Simple is the new web design standard of the future and more and more companies are designing simply. Think about the important stuff and get rid of what is unnecessary.